• Daylilies

  • Hemerocallis - latin/greek translation - literally 'Day-beauty'.

    My own UK bred seedlings registered with the AHS have had extensive trialling and then only registered based on their performance in the UK making them suitable for most of Europe.

    The illustrations are my own and the depiction genuine using a camera that does not enhance the plant or flower and taken directly in the garden. 

    My Daylily hybridisation programme is focused on 'Diploid's (two sets of chromosomes) rather than the 'Tetraploid's (four sets) which is generally more common. Colchicine (a toxic natural product from the 'Colchicum' (autumn crocus)) was used to develop the Tetraploids in the 1940s and this process is quite common in the plant industry with the desire to create a larger, hardier and faster growing plant. Diploid & Tetraploid plants can not be crossed.

    This in some way accounts for the variety in the Daylilies available. Generally, tetraploid daylilies have larger, thicker leaves, scapes and flowers but colour and vigour simply depends on the plant.

    For the same reasons I like other species plants, I admire the qualities of the Diploid's. It is a personal choice (and I hold many excellent tetraploid daylilies) but for me, I like the grace and movement within the dip's and this finer quality has led to the push toward the more extreme 'spider' and 'unusual form'  varieties that I love. Further, breeders like 'Mahieu' have gone back to original species to re-harness hardiness, vigour and the lost scent. Perhaps he believed, like me that beauty lies in origin, not toxin.

    Please note that bare root daylilies are best shipped in early Spring or late Autumn/Winter and as such any orders will be shipped at these times. However, I do always hold a minimum amount of stock divided and potted so I can ship at other times. Plesae ask before ordering and I will do my very best to accomodate. Thank you.

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