• Sansevieria

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    Most are only aware of S.Trifasciata Laurentii but this is a diverse species.

    Often grouped with cacti & succulents due to the thick succulent nature of the leaves and ability to withstand drought (some species natural habitat is the desert (hailing from Africa, India & Madagasca)) they reproduce from thick spreading rizomes or sometimes, above ground stolons. Like Agave, they are monocarpic (die after flowering) but flowering is rare and only the flowering plant dies and it will have produced many new plants via rizomes. These are not hardy but do well outside in shade in the summer. They are very tolerant of poor conditions, preferring to be under-watered and only repotted when absolutely necessary. There is also much discussion about the apparent air purifying abilities of this plant and their ability to release oxygen at night.

    Other than the aforementioned S.T. Laurentii, most other species are uncommon or difficult to come by in the UK .

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    Picture of S. Trifasciata 'Jade Dwarf Marginata'
    Picture of S. Trifasciata 'Moonshine'
    Picture of Sansevieria Stuckyi
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