Libertia Peregrinans 'Gold leaf'

£3.00 incl tax

'New Zealand Iris' but this common name is also applied to Libertai Ixioides. Both hail from New Zealand.

I know this as 'Gold leaf' but oftern just listed and sold as Pereginans. Ixioides 'Goldfinger' is also very similar but it is peregrinans that reliably reproduces by underground rizomes or overground stolons. Goldfinger is more yellow and Gold Leaf more orange - colour stronger in winter.

Fan like plants reaching max 18 inches with few white flowers. Grown for it's stunning foliage in various flaming burned orange tones. Tough and easy gentle naturaliser that is perfect for a dry, sunny position.

A personal favourite.

Sorry, there has been a rush on this plant and they are all sold out. More available later in the year. Please ask.

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