Vectis Enid Mary Morris

£40.00 incl tax

A 2nd generation seedling where both parent seedlings had Starman's Quest or Bradley Bernard parentage.

39 x 9 and 13 buds per scape. This plant takes it's dramatic black purple and violet colouring from it's paternal side but is an improvement being more vigorous than it's parent. It's still early days with this seedling and in it's position in the garden is afforded some afternoon shade which is perhaps why the colour never faded or muddied.

Update - the neighbours had a cut back and as a result this plant received sun all day in it's second year. As usual, with any blue hints in hemerocallis, on hot sunny days this colour burnt out and by the afternoon the flower was a black purple as illustrated in the second photo. Anyone who has grown hemerocallis for some time will know that colour changing is quite common and that the elusive 'blue' is fleeting. These colours are best enjoyed on rainy or overcast days or, (new neighbours have erected a large shade giving shed) planted where they will be afforded afternoon shade.

A bit of a beauty, much like the lady it is named after. 

SORRY - Currently SOLD OUT. If you would like to reserve a piece when next available then please email me. 

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