S. Cylindrica v 'Cylindrica'

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"Spear Sansevieria"

This is the most upright and vertical of the Cylindrica varieties having the cleanest most minimal look. 'Cylindrica' leaves are quite unique, truly cylindical with no noticable indent, spine, top or bottom. There is controversy regarding this plant, because the most streamlined plants available are nothing more than a collection of individual cuttings. When 'pups' are produced, they are not inclined to be so vertical, and will be in the form of small fans. However this plant is sold as a distinct variety from S.C. v Patula & another variety called 'Skyline' but in actuallity what you will most likely have is leaf cuttings from Patula. 

To sum up Cylindrica v cylindrica doesnt exist and nor do the many other catchy made up named plants found in superstores or big online retailers. 'Cylindrica' grows in a fan and not as individual leaves straight from the compost. 

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