Impatiens Tinctoria

£10.00 incl tax

Perhaps the best known and most obtainable of the hardy impatiens. It needs 2 to 3 years to mature and will then reach approx 5x5 but this will vary based on conditions. My parent plant reached at least 6 feet in its pot in 2012. It is in the largest pot I have (tree pot) and it likes a lot of water - all these impatiens do. They also like and excel in shade - sun will make this one's leaves limp. To keep it at it's best, it wants shade, water and food - in less than ideal conditions it will yellow and drop lower leaves exposing it's knobbly trunks. This is no himalayan balsam - it is a true perennial and will die back completely and re-emerge the next year from it's tuberous swollen roots. To be safe, mine is moved to an unheated greenhouse but this plant is quite capable of overwintering in the ground unless the winter is severe/depending where you live - here the ground is a little untested but have received reports of plants surviving below -10C. Cuttings can be taken of this plant and easily rooted in water (best taken early so they can establish enough root for winter). Oh! It has a scent too. 


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